Personal Training

There are three certified personal trainers at CBW; Lisa Browning, National Academy of Sports Medicine, Jocelyn Simpson, AFFA and Danny Smith, International Sports Science  Association.

Personal trainers at CBW Atlanta

Lisa has been teaching exercise for over 20 years.  She specializes in using alignment and flexibility principles inherent to yoga, and some pilates principles to enhance range of motion while developing strength and movement skills (often sports specific).  The goals of the client are foremost in the plan that is used.  Years of experience allow her to have an “experienced eye” on the body she is training.  This skill offsets imbalanced patters developing and challenges the client to train the full body:  small muscles, proprioceptive development, and gain strength through as full a range of motion as possible.  Some, but not all of the tools most often used in Lisa’s training sessions are:  dumb bells, stability balls, bosu balls, resistance bands, and TRX.   Using the body’s weight and keeping exercises “functional” (ways the body does move in regular life or sport) are constants for success in her personal training regimen.

Jocelyn Simpson’s strength are in group training, and has been teaching group exercise for 12 years.  The addition of the ”eye” of a Pilates trainer makes her routines specific and thorough.  Senior workouts are a specialty of Jocelyn, and while being safe, always creates a “fun” workout.