created by Guyeth Nash, M.Ed., M.Div., LPC


Do you have a continuous train of negative thoughts that decrease your efforts and your energy ?

Do you have difficulty changing behaviors that you know are not helpful ?

Are you tired of feeling bad about yourself?………….if so,  this workshop is for you!

Learn creative techniques in identifying, labeling, and desempowering the theme of negative internal messages that sabotage our lives.  In this four hour workshop through collage, drawings and reflection you will:

*Create a visual for early recognition and identification of a negative, self-sabotaging script and ensuing behavior patterns.

*Learn how to differentiate from the source of the internal script.

*Re-identify your strengths and needs, therefore eliminating the purpose of the negative script and decreasing the negative thoughts.

*Create a new personal and behavioral philosophy that supports new and more positive patterns and increased self-esteem.

No prior art skill is necessary.  A combination of seminar, relection, discussion and art therapy techniques will be used.  All materials provided!!

“As in all my workshops, we will learn, relax, laugh and have fun.  Personal boundaries are reespected, always.”

Date:  Two options:  Saturday, January 17, 2015 – or – February 21, 2015

Time:  11:00-4:30 (w/lunch break)

Cost:  $85.00

To Registar:  contact Guyeth at:



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