Regularly scheduled classes are available each week. For personal training, pilates sessions or private yoga sessions please call or email.

"All Levels" Yoga classes can be your introduction to yoga, but very often are Vinyasa style which may not give you as much information about the poses as you'd like when learning as a beginner.  If you are a senior, have issues, injuries and know you want to join a class that moves slower, with more teaching input, please look into our Mindful Yoga classes.  Try both, and see what feels better to you.  We have Introduction to Yoga workshops periodically, and those are listed under workshops.  You must sign up for any of the fitness classes, and can only sign-up with a package.  Yoga classes do not need prior sign-up.

Monday:  Warm, Slow Flow is an all levels yoga class. Core Functional Training is a fitness class using Pilates equipment, weights, bands and balls.   The fundamentals are strong , stable core, and building strength, flexibility and balance.

Tuesday:  Drop the kids off early and practice Flow Yoga for an hour ; this active sessions allows for movement and meditation simultaneously.   Yin Yoga (Yin is different, read about it on the yoga page), is always all levels.  Core Functional Training/Seniors is a fitness class with Pilates fundamentals and a focus on strength.  Introduction to Yoga series, and Yoga Basics.  There is also Core Functional Training, Level 2 in the evening, that suits those who want to keep the core active and strengthen throughout the body.  There are two yoga classes on Tuesday evenings;  Flow, Stretch and Meditate, and Introduction to Yoga.

Wednesday:  Mindful Yoga is geared for structured input, and is appropriate for seniors, those recovering from injury or that just prefer to move at this pace, with a greater attention to detail. Vinyasa Flow Yoga is offered the evening.

Thursday:  Vinyasa Flow Yoga for an hour early in the day, and Core Functional Training Level 2, Mindful Yoga and Vinyasa Flow.

Friday:  Mindful Yoga, (all levels).

Saturday:   11am Vinyasa Flow.  "all levels".

We offer RESTORATIVE YOGA approximately once a month on Friday evenings, or Sunday afternoon.

Pricing for these classes are:

Yoga:  1st class $10.  Drop-in $15.  Packages:  $135.00 for 10 classes, and $250.00 for 25 classes (expiration 4 months on both).  Unlimited Yoga for a month: $115.00

Equipment Classes:  Core Functional Training and Pilates Classes:  Drop-in:  First time:  $25.  Drop-in $30.  5 class package:  $125.00, 10 class package:  $200.00


'Core Bodyworks is a wonderful studio in an historic building. The instructors, especially Lisa, Lauren, Katye and Cristina, are exquisitely trained and handle clients from rank beginner to advanced in an atmosphere of acceptance and respect.' — Mary Munroe