Regularly scheduled classes are available each week. The actual calendar and sign up  will come up when the "check class schedule"  is clicked.  To find out more specific information about our classes or personal training, please feel free to call or email.

We have an Introduction to Yoga class once a week, and many other classes on the schedule (usually called "Mindful")that are appropriate for beginners.  An "all levels" style class will often move faster, but many people begin with that style class as well., If you feel you'd like a personal yoga class, we also do that by appointment.

Yin Yoga and Restorative style yoga classes are appropriate for any level practitioner.

Pricing for yoga classes is:

Yoga:  1st class $10.  Drop-in $15.  Packages:  $135.00 for 10 classes, and $250.00 for 25 classes (expiration 4 months on both).  Unlimited Yoga for a month: $115.00

Pricing for Fitness classes with limited participation is:

Equipment Classes:  Core Functional Training and Pilates Classes:  Drop-in:  First time:  $25.  Drop-in $30.  5 class package:  $125.00, 10 class package:  $200.00

'Core Bodyworks is a wonderful studio in an historic building. The instructors, especially Lisa, Lauren, Katye and Cristina, are exquisitely trained and handle clients from rank beginner to advanced in an atmosphere of acceptance and respect.' — Mary Munroe